You are creation at its best. We ask

You are creation at its best. We ask of you to love. We ask of you to laugh. We ask of you to be kind to each other. We are here for you, we are with you, we are watching over you. We ask that you do not judge anyone. Instead; as we have already said, we ask you to love one another Our desire is that you are successful in this life. We have told you to ask. We have told you to seek. We have told you towill be knock and the door opened. you are all Wonderful Source Creators. Lift up your eyes and create the impossible today.

We bid you today Namaste & Shan Tu (Peace Be)


A Gentle Reminder From “They”

Greetings dear ones, As we speak of love today we wish to shine a light on what we mean. The love that we speak of goes beyond mere words, it reaches out in action. For we are speaking about unconditional love. We ask for your own sake and sanity that you no longer judge anyone. For when you judge another person, you judge them out of fear. We ask that if you wish to be a blessing in this world, live in the light of unconditional love. Remove fear from your households and take it as far away from you as the east is from the west. Render only peace and love to your fellow man. And you will gift upon yourself manifold blessings.
We have spoken to many of you, and we wish to hear from you also with your questions of wonderment. So please ask us dear ones. You just might be surprised at the answer that we give.
As always we bid you Namaste & Shan Tu (Peace Be)