It Is Your Life

Did you know that you are the very creator of your life? And as you focus upon what ever it is that you desire or wish for your life. Believe that you do have them, and you shall receive that very thing. Many of you have asked, and then walked away. And then you questioned why you never received. Have you not noticed a ship’s captain. They keep an eye on where they want to go. They never lose their focus. So we in turn ask you this one question, “How bad do you want that desire?” We say “Ask & You Shall Receive!” The gift is there for the asking, so ask today


Live Love Now

We have watched over this planet for countless centuries. And we have seen a prevalence toward war and killing. We have come to you because many of you have cried out from and end to this hostility that has been going on. And this is why we ask for all of you to live in Unconditional Love. Develop this Love for your family, friends, & Neighbors. You are all Wonderful Source Creators, create Love. You have been given a great gift. You have been given a wonderful opportunity. Live Love In The Now! 

We wish you Namaste & Shan Tu (Peace Be)

The Practice of Unconditional Love

Your perception of the world around you can indeed change when you change your perspective. You have heard it said to “put yourself in someone else’s shoes” When you have any negative emotions filling your very own heart you cannot, or will not want to change your perspective. But we just ask you to try. For in doing so you in turn practice unconditional love. Give away this truth and you will always be rewarded with blessings untold. All we are asking is that you try, if at first practice it with yourself, and build up from there. We wish you Namaste & Shan Tu (Peace Be)

“They” Speaks

We have heard many, many people speak of some day, or tomorrow. We hear that I will do this, or that some day. Or tomorrow I’ll get that done. Today is the day, this is the only day you are in. So we ask you, what are you going to make of this moment?

The day that you were born was a wonderful day, and the day that you do leave this earth will be a sad day for your family and friends. But what are you going to do with the time that you have between birth and death. So many people put off till tomorrow, or some day, and they live with the regret. We ask each and everyone of you to love one another today, this moment, say a kind word to your fellow man, or woman.Teach your children to love and not hate. And do not judge anybody any longer, for when you do so you judge yourself.

We bid you peace be for now