Greetings From “They”

Greetings Dear Ones, 

In our last communication to you we discussed 5 beautiful and helpful laws.  

1. The Law of Attraction : What you focus your energy on is what you are going to bring into your very own vibration. Whether it is good or bad it all depends upon you, that is why we have said to many of you in the past to focus on love. In that way your happiness will be complete and whole.

2. The Law of Love : This law is one that has been so misinterpreted both in today’s age and that of many ages past. Many of you ask how has that law been misinterpreted, and here is just one example, when Jesus walked upon this earth he said to “love your enemies, do good to those who despitefully use you. If a man slaps you on one cheek, turn to him the other”. We say that love knows no bounds. Where love does not live, fear is the master.

3. The Law of Harmonic Resonance : This law goes hand in hand with the first two laws. Without this law the first two will not work. You must be in harmony with what you wish to attract. If you are not, then your attempt will be futile.What ever you are resonating toward is what you will receive. 

4. The Law of Wisdom : You have been told in the past to “Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened to you.” In the Law of Wisdom it is quite clear that if you ask if “this is right for me?”  or is”that right for me” then go off without really listening for the answer, then you will be like the person who goes to the teacher but then not really learning the lesson that is taught. To clarify what we mean by this, in oriental teaching you must clear your mind in order to receive the answer.

5. The Law of Faith : This law is the anchor point for the other laws. and in this law you will find answers to your many queries.You must have total faith that you will receive. You must not hold onto fear in any way, shape, or form. And here is the pivot point in this, you cannot have faith and fear in your vibration, for only one can be the master. 

In conclusion for now dear ones we wish to say this to you, you do have a choice as to everything in your life. Because as we said in the past, “Your thoughts become things in your present”

We bid you Namste & Shan Tu (Peace Be)



Greetings From “They”

We have spoken about The Law of Attraction and focusing your intention on what you desire. And such we wish to delve deeper with you into one amazing truth. The Law of Attraction is just one small tool that anyone can use. There is The Law of Love, The Law of Harmonic Resonance, The Law of Wisdom, The Law of Faith. These 5 beautiful laws combined with The Law of Attraction makes anyone virtually unstoppable. When you walk in these 6 truths you can accomplish whatever you wish.

Now we understand that there are times in this age that negative emotions can sometimes cloud a person perspective on attraction possibilities. But we have this to say about that, be kind to yourself, love yourself during these times. Remember to breathe releasing all negative energies. And then breathe in love. Speak kindly to yourselves and to your families. And most of all be gentle with yourself.

As always until we speak with you once more, we bid you Namaste & Shan Tu (Peace Be)  

A Message From “They”

So many times people have asked us about world events and the sort. And to answer your question of whether or not we will help in anyway to change the course of life. We must say this there is a divine precedent called ‘The Law of Free Will’ and of this we cannot go beyond. For to do so would render all of you into our puppets so to speak. Another law that has been established is ‘The Law of Attraction’ and this law has been analyzed and scrutinized to death. It is very simple to understand, what you focus your energy upon that is what you will receive. We ask that you focus on love, and not on fear.
With that, we bid you Namaste & Shan Tu (Peace Be)

A Message From “They” For The World

For a long time now people have heard our message but have failed to live the message, or they are so ingrained with the fear and trepidation message that they have created for themselves that fear is all they know.

There are two paths in life, love is the easier path to travel. You have heard it said by so many teachers before to “fear not””don’t worry about tomorrow” Yet you fail to heed the message. Some of you have even said ‘look at what God has done to us’, or ‘is doing to us’ And many of you have stated that ‘it is because of our sin’. He who has ears, let him hear this now. The truth that we wish to share with you is this, there is no judgement coming to you other then the one you create for yourself. The person who will judge you for your mistakes, (or as you say, your sins) is the very person you look at in the mirror. You have a choice today to choose unconditional love, or unconditional fear. The path to love is so very easy, but then so is the path to fear. And we say, choose wisely. For your very life and the life of this planet depend on it

We understand that many of you refuse to hear our message, and that is fine. We know that not everyone is ready for our message. But to those that have ears let him hear!

Your life is set before you, and your success or failure depends solely on what you will do. It is up to you.

We bid you Namaste & Shan Tu (Peace Be) 

Thoughts From “They”

We bid you greetings, today as you go about your day please be kind to yourself. And remember that in order for you to manifest love, peace & harmony into your very existence you must remain in the moment. The past has been put to rest, and the future has not yet awakened to you. Be love today first and foremost to yourself, then like ripples on a lake let your love spread to others.

We bid you Namaste & Shan Tu (Peace Be) 

A Gentle Reminder From “They”

Greetings dear ones, As we speak of love today we wish to shine a light on what we mean. The love that we speak of goes beyond mere words, it reaches out in action. For we are speaking about unconditional love. We ask for your own sake and sanity that you no longer judge anyone. For when you judge another person, you judge them out of fear. We ask that if you wish to be a blessing in this world, live in the light of unconditional love. Remove fear from your households and take it as far away from you as the east is from the west. Render only peace and love to your fellow man. And you will gift upon yourself manifold blessings.
We have spoken to many of you, and we wish to hear from you also with your questions of wonderment. So please ask us dear ones. You just might be surprised at the answer that we give.
As always we bid you Namaste & Shan Tu (Peace Be)

A Message From “They”

Greetings, We have heard from many who have questions about The Law of Attraction. And so we wish to clarify some things about it. First, it is true that you can indeed manifest anything you desire. This can happen only if you place yourself in love, and not fear. For when you are in this fear mentality, you will only manifest negative things into your vibration. Stay in the Love Vibration when you wish to manifest anything, and you will receive what ever you ask for. In truth you already are Wonderful Source Creators, and your true soul knows just what you need. So always remember to create in Love, and not fear.

We bid you Namaste & Shan Tu for now. And until we speak with you again, we bid you Love.