Living Within Love

Greetings Dear Ones, In our conversation with you today, we wish to share with you this truth. That you are, and forever will be eternally love. For you are connected to the universe as a whole. Now we are not speaking about the simple word love as it pertains to your possessions.  No, we are speaking from a much more deeper meaning of love. Every step that you take, make it a step of love. Every hand that you reach for, or even a hand that is reaching for you, hand out love. In truth be love through out your whole being. For essentially that is who you really are. Every atom in your entire being is love. And as such you must bestow the energy of love to all mankind. In this wars will cease. First, and foremost within yourselves, and then this very power will flow out to the world around you. We know you can do this. We believe in you.

And as always we bid you Namaste & Shan Tu (Peace Be) 


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