“They” Speaks

We have heard many, many people speak of some day, or tomorrow. We hear that I will do this, or that some day. Or tomorrow I’ll get that done. Today is the day, this is the only day you are in. So we ask you, what are you going to make of this moment?

The day that you were born was a wonderful day, and the day that you do leave this earth will be a sad day for your family and friends. But what are you going to do with the time that you have between birth and death. So many people put off till tomorrow, or some day, and they live with the regret. We ask each and everyone of you to love one another today, this moment, say a kind word to your fellow man, or woman.Teach your children to love and not hate. And do not judge anybody any longer, for when you do so you judge yourself.

We bid you peace be for now


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