Greetings From “They”

We have spoken about The Law of Attraction and focusing your intention on what you desire. And such we wish to delve deeper with you into one amazing truth. The Law of Attraction is just one small tool that anyone can use. There is The Law of Love, The Law of Harmonic Resonance, The Law of Wisdom, The Law of Faith. These 5 beautiful laws combined with The Law of Attraction makes anyone virtually unstoppable. When you walk in these 6 truths you can accomplish whatever you wish.

Now we understand that there are times in this age that negative emotions can sometimes cloud a person perspective on attraction possibilities. But we have this to say about that, be kind to yourself, love yourself during these times. Remember to breathe releasing all negative energies. And then breathe in love. Speak kindly to yourselves and to your families. And most of all be gentle with yourself.

As always until we speak with you once more, we bid you Namaste & Shan Tu (Peace Be)  


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