A Message From “They” For The World

For a long time now people have heard our message but have failed to live the message, or they are so ingrained with the fear and trepidation message that they have created for themselves that fear is all they know.

There are two paths in life, love is the easier path to travel. You have heard it said by so many teachers before to “fear not””don’t worry about tomorrow” Yet you fail to heed the message. Some of you have even said ‘look at what God has done to us’, or ‘is doing to us’ And many of you have stated that ‘it is because of our sin’. He who has ears, let him hear this now. The truth that we wish to share with you is this, there is no judgement coming to you other then the one you create for yourself. The person who will judge you for your mistakes, (or as you say, your sins) is the very person you look at in the mirror. You have a choice today to choose unconditional love, or unconditional fear. The path to love is so very easy, but then so is the path to fear. And we say, choose wisely. For your very life and the life of this planet depend on it

We understand that many of you refuse to hear our message, and that is fine. We know that not everyone is ready for our message. But to those that have ears let him hear!

Your life is set before you, and your success or failure depends solely on what you will do. It is up to you.

We bid you Namaste & Shan Tu (Peace Be) 


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