Create in the NOW

We are here to once again speak to you about The Law of Attraction. We have witnessed many of you struggling with negative thoughts and negative ideologies. And we say stop doing this. For all of you are blessings indeed. And you have Many Wonderful Opportunities to receive many, many wonderful desires. When you do focus any attention on the negatives, you bring that very thing into your present. So we say stop, stop the madness and let the past go. Move into The Present, into The Now. For this is the day that you are to create not yesterday,Today. You are all such Wonderful Source Creators, so create something beautiful.

And so dear ones we wish you Namaste & Shan Tu (Peace Be)


Thoughts from “They”

You are all such Wonderful Source Creators. And since it is so, we desire to share with you this truth. What you put your energy upon; whether it be good or bad, that is where your focus energy will be. Many of you may not believe it, but we say to you that if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can do the impossible. 

We are here for you beloved, and as such we ask that if you have any questions for us, to please ask. And then within the next blog posts, we shall answer your many questions that you may have.

Until then we bid you Namaste & Shan Tu (Peace Be)

Plant The Seeds Of Love. Another Message from “They”

Greetings Dear Ones, We have heard of many countless people speaking of a separation between God and man. We have come to you to say that there is no separation. For you are and forever will be love. You can be no less then perfect love. Many of you have questioned this because all you see around you is not love. But we say, be love in this moment. Set this vibration in motion, and watch what happens. As you plant just one seed of love a vibration goes out, and comes back to you with an unrestrained Yes! Believe in us, as we believe in you. You are all such Wonderful Source Creators, believe in this. Walk in love, ask in love, and your desires will be fulfilled in love.

We bid you Namaste & Shan Tu (Peace Be)   

Living Within Love

Greetings Dear Ones, In our conversation with you today, we wish to share with you this truth. That you are, and forever will be eternally love. For you are connected to the universe as a whole. Now we are not speaking about the simple word love as it pertains to your possessions.  No, we are speaking from a much more deeper meaning of love. Every step that you take, make it a step of love. Every hand that you reach for, or even a hand that is reaching for you, hand out love. In truth be love through out your whole being. For essentially that is who you really are. Every atom in your entire being is love. And as such you must bestow the energy of love to all mankind. In this wars will cease. First, and foremost within yourselves, and then this very power will flow out to the world around you. We know you can do this. We believe in you.

And as always we bid you Namaste & Shan Tu (Peace Be) 

You are creation at its best. We ask

You are creation at its best. We ask of you to love. We ask of you to laugh. We ask of you to be kind to each other. We are here for you, we are with you, we are watching over you. We ask that you do not judge anyone. Instead; as we have already said, we ask you to love one another Our desire is that you are successful in this life. We have told you to ask. We have told you to seek. We have told you towill be knock and the door opened. you are all Wonderful Source Creators. Lift up your eyes and create the impossible today.

We bid you today Namaste & Shan Tu (Peace Be)

This is your life. A message from “They”

As you are in this world, we ask that you look around you and see all of creation. Not just the simple things. Or the easy things. But all things, look at everything with love in your heart. Search for this very thing with your whole heart, and you will find truth for yourselves. Do not settle for anything less then the very best. Give to yourselves this love in this time. Do not wait to share it later on, or tomorrow. For later on, or tomorrow will never come. It is only this moment that you have, so love and live in now.